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Saffran! was born in the simmering and cosmopolitan Barcelona in the spring of 2012. For three years Saffran! played all over Europe, experiencing an endless number of musical adventures.


In 2015 the project took a rest, and in 2019 it returned, with the renewed desire of composing more original songs and creating a new show. When the pandemic came, the band was at the peak of its creative process.


Today, for the occasion of our 10th anniversary, we feel like sharing what we’ve been developing during these last years. Our repertoire is a tribute…

…to all the places that have welcomed and influenced us with their history, traditions and cultures
…to the people that have been supporting us from the very beginning of our journey music as a powerful tool we’ve been gifted with to express ourselves in these times of change, especially about nature, love and the way we treat each other
…to Life and its uncountable everyday teachings.


Luzern - violin + cello.jpg


Saffran! has played in music venues, theatres, cultural centers, bars, has busked all over Europe, and has accompanied special moments, like weddings, divorces, and other private events. Saffran! has also participated in several international festivals:

Perpetuum Mobile Festival (Munich), 2015


Pflasterspektakel Linz, 2014
Gauklerfest Feldkirch, 2014, 2015


Cyprus Rialto World Music Festival (Limassol / Nicosia), 2014
Paphos Travelling Stage, 2015

Waves Festival, 2015


Balkabarna Fe
stival Barcelona (Cataluña), 2014
BuskeRAI Barcelona, 2016
Babel Nights Barcelona, 2019
La Mercé Barcelona, 2020

IHME Festival Helsinki, 2016


Ferrara Buskers Festival, 2012, 2014
Festa del Rosso Conero (Camerano), 2013
Guastalla Buskers Festival,  2014
Quo Vadis (Monterotondo, 2014
San Gimignano World Music Festival, 2015

Pennabilli Festival Artisti In Piazza, 2023

AlkantaraFest World Music Festival (Siciliy) 2023
Buskers Chur Festival, 2015
Lucerne Festival, 2021

Neuchatel Buskers Festival, 2023

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